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We transform complex concept into smart interfaces, we convert challenges into great results. We believe that behind every great brand, there's a great digital experience.

2D Motion Graphics

We turn your ideas into stand out 2D Motion Graphics. We use animation to tell stories, create infographics and design engaging content to your brand.

Social Media

We design creative advertisements that people love to share by creating strategy, delivering creative content calendar and successful results.


We provide secure cloud hosting plans designed to build and manage your websites easily and fast. Powered by Amazon Web Servers.


We combine branding, UX, and interactive web development to deliver next-level websites.

Domain Name

The domain name lets people know at a glance why you're online and why you're awesome. Buy the perfect domain name among our hundreds extensions.


Sleep Well

We don't sleep well, because we are 24/7 obsessed in creativity and our main goal is to deliver the most creative campaigns.

Stretch Fonts

Stretching fonts during a design process is a crime, and we are peaceful people. Thank you for your understanding!

Skip Lunch Breaks

Skipping lunch breaks may be harmful for creativity and productivity. We all agree on that. No?


We are located

in Lebanon, and trusted by

International Brands

BLANCHOR was founded by Mrs. Nathalie Mrad in 2017

Nathalie Mrad Blanchor
We work with brands like…
Sahara Centre Blanchor
Sahara Healthcare City Blanchor
Brown Brick Cafe Blanchor
LebNet Blanchor
Out of the Box Design Blanchor
Kronfaly Social Media Blanchor
College des Soeurs de Sainte Therese Amioun Blanchor
Kronfol Social Media Lebanon Blanchor
e-marken blanchor
VMAX Blanchor
And maybe you… Let’s have a Coffee!


  • Sahara Centre, Dubai
  • Finjan Specialty Coffee, Dubai
  • Gift2Games Mobile App
  • Lebnet, USA
  • Sahara Healthcare City, Dubai
  • LMA Clinic, Abu Dhabi
  • Selim Cars, Belgium
  • Brix Interiors, Dubai
  • Brown Brick Cafe, Sharjah
  • Loginn, Dubai
  • EduBeyond, Dubai
  • Nelly Bejjani Beauty Center, Qatar
  • Amar Cancun, Mexico
  • E-Marken, Germany
  • Out of the Box, Germany
  • V.Max, North America
  • Zo Skin Centre, Dubai
  • HTCC, Germany
  • Dr Hiam Jabali, Dubai
  • Giritaly, Italy
  • Ouzkourni Fi Malakoutika, Canada
  • Keyrouz Ghana Limited, Ghana


  • Kronfaly, By Wissam Breidy
  • Kronfol Lebnen, By Wissam Breidy
  • Anthony’s Diner, Lebanon
  • Abou Abdallah, Beirut
  • Cocktail Lahoud, Beirut
  • Senble Bake House, Beirut
  • The Chase, Ashrafiyeh
  • Samket Chehwan, Bouar
  • Bar a Pied, Beirut
  • Wadi El Samar, Beirut
  • Sama Jounieh, Kaslik
  • PubG, Jounieh
  • Ages Resto Pub, Jounieh


  • Nelly Bejjani Beauty Center, Qatar
  • LMA Clinic, Beirut
  • Donna Elegante, Zouk Mosbeh
  • Hospiservices, Beirut
  • Dynamic Dental Clinic, Beirut
  • D&Derm, Beirut
  • V.Max, North America
  • Dr. Samer Bassilios Habre, Beirut
  • Dr. Hiam Jabali, Dubai
  • B-Ray Laboratory, Beirut
  • Charm By Nadine, Beirut

Retail & More

  • Out of the Box, Beirut
  • Candy Box, LeMall
  • Cargo, Beirut
  • Glint79 Bespoke Jewelry, Beirut
  • Mistel, Zouk Mosbeh
  • Korner, Zouk Mosbeh
  • Gleti, Zouk Mosbeh
  • Handy Plus, Beirut
  • Maze Solution, Kaslik
  • Loginn, Dubai
  • iConnect, Kaslik
  • Profi-Car, Ain El Rihaneh
  • Elio Hassoun, Architect, Beirut
  • Chadi Noujaim, Lawyer, Beirut
  • Rami Nakhoul, Zouk Mikael
  • Ramage, Zouk Mikael
  • Gil.Tech, North Lebanon
  • Elio’s PC, Zouk Mosbeh
  • Char line Boutique, Zouk Mosbeh


  • Lebanese American University, LAU
  • Services Vocation, Notre Dame de Louaize, NDL
  • Notre Dame University – Louaize, NDU MUN
  • College Sainte Therese, North Lebanon
  • Institut Mgr. Cortbawi, Alumni
  • After 2 School, Jounieh

Fitness & Sports

  • Breakpoint, Tennis, Beirut
  • I Train With Dany, Personal Trainer, Beirut
  • Magaly Machaalany, Personal Trainer, Beirut
  • Rim Ezz, Personal Trainer, Beirut
  • Kalecious, Licensed Dietitian
  • The Store Nation, Online Shop