ArabAd: Street food Concept Kronfaly Hints to Economic Crisis in Latest Ad Campaign

In the effort to increase engagement on its Instagram page, Lebanese street food concept Kronfaly opted for simplicity, using colloquial Lebanese to accentuate its friendly relationship with the audience. Inspired by the current economic crisis, the campaign titled “Sara’s Proposal”started with an old-school banner that read “Sarah will you marry me?” with “[living on] bread, olives and a Kronfaly wrap darling”written in small letters under it. A Picture of the banner was used online on April 13, which earned significant engagement in terms of likes and comments, reinforcing Kronfaly’s positioning as an affordable street food eatery. Kronfaly is also part of rising trend of celebrity-owner food concepts in Lebanon but the difference is that it’s successfully capitalizing an accessibility and humor to attract the public.

Article written by Arab ad, About our Kronfaly’s Campaign on Social Media.
Arabad, May 2019, Vol.29 No.4 Page 74